Victor (ビクター) Is one of the main Antagonist he is also the final waymarker of tales of xillia 2

Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age Unknown
Status Unknown
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Appearance Edit

Victor is another version of ludger (the future version of him) victor unlike ludger has dyed his hair all the black victor is elle mel martas real father in that fractured dimension victor bares a very strong similarity to ludger except for his black hair and clothing that of which is more classic and steampunk like of that to ludgers

Victors fighting style Edit

Victors fighting style is the very same sync with ludger's in a skit however in game battle it's very different victor has all of ludger's weapons sledgehammer,pistol,dual twin blades he also has the same weapon style so getting low attack weapon may help he also like expected has the same atres

CaptureVictors and ludgers Pistal's

In cutscene

his favored weapon of choice apparels to be the sledgehammer although he will switch from one to another

fight scene Edit

Capturethe sames artes being used

In cutscene

you begin this battle with victor admiring the view of the sunset over lake epils Jude mathies ask if spryit technology has been perfected in victors demotion victor answer by *Yes and you perfected it eight years ago doctor Mathis he then says you try'ed to stop me from killing bisley even Julius took you'er side Bisley made a grave mistake when he try'ed to tale elle from me

Gameplay battle