Milla Maxwell's past Edit

The events in Milla's past took fourteenth years before Xillia one in Trames 2279/primia 4290 when Milla destroyed an Exodus base when she was six in this story Jude is one, Ivar is 2,Milla is six, Alvin twelve,Gilland 21. Letica thirty-two,Derrick Thirty tree,and Ellen is thirty seven.

Milla's shrine is one hour away from Nia Khera bye foot.

Ivar can already talk to monster at the age of two .

Milla MaxwellEdit

Milla maxwell
Millia maxwell.
Millia maxwell.
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age 20 in tox

21 in tox2

Status Maxwell lord of spirits.
Physical attributes
Height 5:6ft
Weight Unknown

Milla Maxwell or the lord of sprites is one of two main characters in tales of Xillia she is a women in her early twenty's she is the third oldest character in the group  Milla has long wavy flowing blond lightish brown hair with a wild streak of green sticking out of the right of her head Milla's eyes are hot pink her skin tone is pale.

Appearance Edit

Milla is a young woman who wears a two pieced outfit which is similar to a swimsuit the upper part of the clothing cover only her upper chest while black ribbons wrap around her neck the ribbon's are attached to a medium sized necklace which has a light sky blue gem in the shape of a circle-ish oval the gem is connected to the rest of the necklace by two black squares also having smaller blue gems in them with red ribbon's circling around the gems that reach out of the necklace forming two short ribbon's she wears cut off sleeve's the main color of them are black it has light pink outlines with fuchsia ribbon's tied in a shoe lace style her wrist  have  pink colored Amor around them it also covers most of her hand the wrist guards also have fuchsia ribbon's tied in them the rest of her hand is covered by a black glove she wears a mini skirt it's also light pink it has a design on the right of purple green tipped feathers sticking outward next to that is a purple zig zag going down her skirt on her right leg she wears black laced diamond shaped straps that wrap around it  her boots are white with a light shad of pink along the boarders of them on the front of the boot there are  big fuchsia drooped ribbons in the middle of the boot the same color of ribbons also apparels to be the shoe lace black print surrding the shoe lace part of it and the toes of the boot also consuming the heal. 

Milla's fighting style Edit

Milla is the mage type user her artes range from all elements including light dark earth fire air water she wields a sword in her left hand she hits foes with her sword or she uses a light spear which player's can set in skills Milla cast magic with her left hand when casting magic three circles spin around her body she the cast with her hand Milla's sword play is quite advanced her hits foes twice with it then she jumps into the air and spin hits them she can also whack them into the air.

Milla's four great spirits Edit

her summing magic circle for the great spirits is two large multi colored circles the spirits are listed from left (Unideen) to right (Efreet to up (Sypth) and down (Noim) as stated by Alvin Milla use's them as servant's and that's why she lost them though Milla dose denpend on them for things such as flying ,eating,swimming in the
Capturemillia casting magic
being of the game Milla is over powered she looses her four great spirit's when trying to destroy the lance of kresnick

Milla Maxwell's gallery.(Fanart) Edit